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Talent: Acquisition & Learning

TAL 3D Competency Science is unique algorithm backing up recruitment, upskilling, carreer planning, onboarding, motivation and digital employee profile (DEP) for single employee and whole teams and companies.
Competency Science are brand new technology to manage, develop and evaluate candidates, employees, teams and companies.

Do you speak competences?

We are a company defining, verifying and assessing competences of employees and candidates to find a perfect fit between employers and job seekers. To ensure high quality of DEP employees competences are tested and visualised using our own technology of 3-Dimensional Competency Science. 3D CS will be improved by machine learning and AI algorithms. Our competency maps are fundamental for our services of HR:
  • recruitment & employee onboarding
  • training & upskilling employee evaluation
  • defining real digital format of CV (DEP) and full transparency of recruitment

Tomasz Zembrzycki

CEO & Founder

We replace infamous recruiter’ task “sell me this pen” with modern technology based on science and years of analysis. Transparency, equality and digital precision of HR processes are the values driving big names to use TALwork technology and services. 

prof. Dr hab. Tomasz Rostkowski

Chief of Science & Founder

Artificial Intelligence makes sense only when is treated as a servant to people’s needs.  TAL 3D CS is an advanced algorithm designed to recognize, initiate and support upskilling of employees, teams and whole organizations. 

Jacek Nowacki

Senior HR Partner & Founder

Usage of TAL 3D CS in competency audits of candidates, employees and teams enhances conscious  management of skills and abilities for all parties involved. 

How does TAL work?

quick overview

define talentwork

We support companies on creating their personalized competency maps.

find talent

Our Agency will find, review and assess using 3D Competency Science skill mapping ideal candidates for the job, also ensuring proper fit ratio to your company.

dedicated manager

For all projects with TAL we appoint a signle manager to take care for all your tasks and questions. Our manager will guide you through a process of personalization of 3D CS skill maps.

digital employee profile

While reviewing, auditing and assessing TAL builds reach digital profile of an employee. DEP is the excellent base for employee evaluation and carreer planning.

Industry Aware science

Our skill maps are build for specific industries. While assessing both hard and soft skills our maps are aware of product, market, customers, regulations, licencing and teams specific for the industry.


TAL uses AI and scientifically proven methodologies to ensure security and integrity of assessment.

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